Mobile Home and Real Estate Law

At ASK, we take pride in the work we have done in real estate law. For almost 30 years, this has been our primary focus and, in California, our experience, reputation, and results are unequalled.

Representing Residents

ASK has become a strong voice for homeowners, particularly those facing “David and Goliath” situations. We are tough negotiators and excellent trial lawyers and have successfully represented:

  • mobile home residents fighting for a decent, clean, and safe place to live and against unfair treatment by park owners;
  • condominium, home, and business owners who have discovered, too late, shoddy construction;
  • mobile home residents facing park closure and conversion;
  • residents and cities involved in regulatory taking disputes such as rent control, development regulations, and restrictive zoning.

Our clients have received compensation for the damages they have suffered including refund of rent paid, loss in value to their homes, and compensation for their suffering through poor living conditions. In some cases, our clients have been awarded punitive damages as large as $95 million. Courts have also ordered property repaired and buildings restored.

A mobile home park resident is dependent on the park owner to properly maintain the park and respect the residents’ rights. When park owners fail in their duties, we represent the residents and enforce their rights.

Representing Municipalities

Cities and counties often find themselves caught in the middle of a dispute between mobile home residents and park owners. When this happens, due to issues such as rent control or mobile home park closures or conversions, ASK can help.

Representing Homeowner Associations (HOAs)

Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are created to ensure the safety and harmony among residents of condominiums, co-op apartments, mobile home parks, and neighborhood communities. They are governed by a board of directors and regulations are explained in a document called a restrictive covenant.

ASK is an effective partner for residential communities creating an HOA. Not only can we help form the organization, we will ensure the rules and obligations in the covenant are legal and clearly explained. Just as important, we will help you establish a resolution process for all disputes.

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